Young Buck

Young Buck Allegedly Getting Full On Head From His Transgender Woman (Video Inside)

Transgender Glamour Purfekk claims she gave Young Buck oral sex and that he knew he was being recorded!

This is not the first time rapper Young Buck from G-Unit has been accused of having sex with transgender women. The receipts are in! Stripper model Glamour Purfekk drops wine on her relationship with Buck and even shares a video of them doing the do!

To jump right to the wine, fast-forward to the marked times below:

  • 25:04 — Glamour Purfekk starting to give someone who looks like Young Buck oral sex

  • 25:35 — Oral sex, she giggles and tries to deny it but clearly that's what's happening here.

He takes the coat off to show more of his body and it looks like it is actually Young Buck from behind.

Watch below!

Video Credit: Armon Wiggins

What y’all think winos?! Is it him??


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