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Wendy William's wants to SELL Her Marriage Drama, Oprah Condemns Micheal Jackson for Money & Ratings

Wendy William's wants to SELL Her Marriage Drama, Oprah Condemns Micheal Jackson for Money & Ratings. Wendy William's returned to her talk show to discuss her Thyroid problems and thanked her fans for their support. Wendy William's also reassured her fans & the world that she and Kevin Hunter are happy and not divorcing after 28 years of marriage. Watch as I expose what Wendy Williams really wants to do with her marriage drama.

Wendy Williams Husband SidePiece Preg, Steve Harvey Daughter Lori Dating Future & Trey Songz & More!

It’s Time of Phuckery Friday!

On this week’s episode of Phuckery Friday, 14,000+ winos tuned in to watch as Tasha K. gave out CASH PRIZES! One lucky wino won $500 and several other winos won $5, $10, $20, $100! Watch as Tasha spills wine on Wendy William’s nervous break down about her husband’s pregnant sidepiece. Tasha also unwines Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey dating Future, and gives an update on Trey Songz below! Grab your glass and tune in for more! Happy holidays!

Y’all know Tasha K. has the hottest live show on YouTube every Friday for #Phuckery Friday! Grab your glass and get ready to sit back and sip on this wine!

Phuckery Friday airs every Friday on YouTube @ 7:00PM EST/12:00AM UK time.

Tune in for a good time of sipping wine to weekly celebrity news and gossip!


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Married Tamar Braxton Confesses Love For Mystery Man on Wendy! (Videos & Pics)

Married Tamar Braxton Confesses Love For Another Man on Wendy! Videos & Pics.mp4 1.jpg

Tamar Braxton says she’s in love with her new African boyfriend of three months and can’t wait to make babies with him.

Nearly 11 months after filing for divorce from her marriage to Vince Herbert of nine years, Tamar breaks news of her new boy toy on the Wendy Williams Show.

“I’ll describe him: he’s African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads and he’s got a really nice body,” host Wendy Williams says before Braxton excitedly interrupts: “He’s fine! Hallelujah!”   

I guess ever since she got that bald head (African men love bald heads) she’s become an African man magnet now -- and don't y’all dare say he trying to get a green card!


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