EXCLUSIVE | Nicki Minaj Man NOT GUlLTY, Trey Songz SLEPT w/P**N Star, Offset's SideCHlCK HOMELESS

Tasha K. is back from a much needed break from all the wine, per doctors order!

Tonight’s episode starts a three night marathon of ‘Phuckery Friday’ as Tasha K. catches up on exclusives from the past few weeks. This week’s episode features wine on Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Offset and more! Grab your glass and tune in below!

Smh. Too much wine for one night. Happy 2019, winos!


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Exclusive | Cardi & Offset Update, Nicki Minaj New FEL0N, R.Kelly, Masika, Alexis Skyy, NikkiBaby

It’s Time for Phuckery Friday!

On this weeks’s episode of Phuckery Friday, Tasha K. uwines Offset and his mistress’ motive behind his apology video, Nicki Minaj and her new registered rapist man, RKelly, Kevin Hart hosting the 2019 Oscar Awards, Masika and Miss Nikki Baby’s Instagram fight, Alexis Skyy’s Medicaid card, and more!

Get ready to tune in for all of this phuckery tonight! Get your glasses ready!

Y’all know Tasha K. has the hottest live show on YouTube every Friday for #Phuckery Friday! Grab your glass and get ready to sit back and sip on this wine!

Phuckery Friday airs every Friday on YouTube @ 7:00PM EST/12:00AM UK time.

Tune in for a good time of sipping wine to weekly celebrity news and gossip!


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Exclusive | Quavo & Offset CHEATED allegedly on Saweetie & Cardi B. 5 days before Cardi's Birthday

Quavo and Offsett Allegedly Cheat on Saweetie and Cardi B.

Tasha K. gets a tip from an viewer who claims the friends both cheated on their girlfriends, Saweetie and Cardi B. 5 days before Cardi B.’s birthday. Listen for the full spill in the video below!

Everybody acts single in Hollywood these days!


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Sister Bartenders Who Accused Cardi B. In Strip Club Fight Banned From Club

The two bartenders involved in the fight at the strip club with Cardi B. on August 29, 2018 not allowed to return to the club.

The sisters claimed that Cardi B. sent her crew to beat them up. They suffered injuries after having pieces of furniture and glass bottles thrown at them. The understanding was that one of the sisters was sleeping with Offset, husband to Cardi B.

Sister Bartenders Who Accused Cardi B. In Strip Club Fight Banned From Club (2).jpg

Cardi B. turned herself into authorities on charges related to the incident and the sisters are waiting for the hearing on October 29th where they hope to follow up with their lawsuit against Cardi B.

Watch Tasha K.’s exclusive below for more details on the Cardi B. conversation.

What’s that saying? Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?


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Offset Calls Out Joe Budden for Taking Crap About Cardi B. On Show

Joe Budden makes a comment concerning Offset’s wife, Cardi B. on his show. Offset fires back.

On going history between Joe Budden and Offset made it easy for him to call Budden out especially regarding his wife.

Budden released a preview of his show to his IG where Offset comments below saying the following:

“I watched ya show u a grown a** n***a speaking on women I seen u in Barnes and u ran like I was gone do sum to you lol. U a hoe a** N***a soon u get touched u gone be police.”

Take a look at the video clip posted from The Shade Room below.

Looks like Offset had a little time on his hands to let Budden know what’s up! But we still wanna know what he said!!


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Exclusive: Usher Going To Court, Tamar Braxton, Offset's Warning, 50 Cent, Queen Naija, More!

On this weeks episode of #PhuckeryFriday, Tasha K. unwines trending matters with Usher, Tamar Braxton, Offset, 50 Cent, Queen Naija and more!

  • Usher’s mistress and ex-lover, Laura Helm, presents him with court documents for her exposure to the Herpes virus. (Click HERE for more on this story)

  • Recently separated Tamar Braxton is now boo’d up, African style! (Click HERE for more on this story)

  • Queen Naija and Chris Sails beef back and forth on the internet over why they broke up. (Click HERE for more on this story)

Watch the unwine with Tasha K. below for a more thorough breakdown of these events.

Whew, now this is a lot to unwine! I hope y’all have y’alls wine glasses ready!


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