Kevin Hart

(EXCLUSIVE) Kevin & Eniko Hart SWING together!

Mr. and Mrs. Hart are swingers!

Tasha K. spills exclusive wine on Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart’s apparent open relationship. She analyses the differences in both Eniko Hart and Torrei Hart (ex-wife) when it comes to defending Kevin publicly.

Watch below for more on how Tasha K. connects the mysterious actions of Kevin Hart’s current wife and more!

Sounds like there is definitely more than what meets the eye!


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Exclusive | Cardi & Offset Update, Nicki Minaj New FEL0N, R.Kelly, Masika, Alexis Skyy, NikkiBaby

It’s Time for Phuckery Friday!

On this weeks’s episode of Phuckery Friday, Tasha K. uwines Offset and his mistress’ motive behind his apology video, Nicki Minaj and her new registered rapist man, RKelly, Kevin Hart hosting the 2019 Oscar Awards, Masika and Miss Nikki Baby’s Instagram fight, Alexis Skyy’s Medicaid card, and more!

Get ready to tune in for all of this phuckery tonight! Get your glasses ready!

Y’all know Tasha K. has the hottest live show on YouTube every Friday for #Phuckery Friday! Grab your glass and get ready to sit back and sip on this wine!

Phuckery Friday airs every Friday on YouTube @ 7:00PM EST/12:00AM UK time.

Tune in for a good time of sipping wine to weekly celebrity news and gossip!


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