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Exclusive | Rasheeda Frost Scam, Tekashi 69, Blac Chyna, Robert De Niro, Porsha vs Kandi, Tyrese

Tasha K. Live on a Thursday!

This week’s Phuckery Friday took place on a Thursday this week in honor of Tasha K. taking a few days off for vacation and much needed family time. This episode covers Rasheeda Frost’s scam, an update on Tekashi 69, Black Chyna and skin bleaching cream, Robert De Niro, Porsha vs Kandi and Tyrese.

Grab your glass and tune in below for all of this wine!

Have a happy holiday weekend, winos!


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Exclusive: Kandi Burruss Purposely BROKE Up Brandon Casey & Mimi's Family. Brandon is a Liar & Crier

Brandon Casey’s baby mama exposes him for who he really is after second interview with Tasha K.

Last week, Tasha K. interviewed Brandon Casey’s daughter, Amani Casey and her mother about her broken relationship with her celebrity father (WATCH HERE). The Jagged Edge star apologized to his daughter and reached out to Tasha K. and shared his side of the story (WATCH HERE).

Baby Mama, was not happy with the picture Casey painted of their story, so she came back with an exclusive to expose Casey and their REAL backstory. Listen to more of her side below.

The pictures people paint of their lives not realizing how it could effect their offspring.


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Exclusive: Kandi Burruss EX Brandon, allegedly NEGLECTS his Daughter & Says She's TOO FAT to Sing!

Tasha K. sits down with Brandon Casey’s daughter, Amani Casey, for an exclusive interview inside their father-daughter relationship.

Brandon Casey from Jagged Edge is not the father he may appear to be to all of his kids. His first born, 23-year-old Amani Casey, and her mother unwine their backstory and uncover exclusive insight into their relationship with the star.

Watch the entire interview below to see how Amani and her mother have been effected by her father’s absence and lack of attention.

Children should not have to suffer from their parent’s negligent decisions but unfortunately, it is all too common these day!


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Kandi Burruss & DonJuan Pay Models $150 for A Successful Promo Grossing $91k | Model Speaks Out on Compensation

Model, Brett Alexzandier, calls out Kandi Burruss and Don Juan for low compensation for a promo!

The Atlanta modeling scene has a bad wrap enough as it is and this model is not happy with the amount of money Kandi Burruss and Don Juan paid their models for their sex party event last month. The event allegedly grossed $91k in donations but yet paide their models $150 for being there.

Take a look at what Alexzandier had to say to Kandi and Don Juan below!

Kandi Burruss  DonJuan Pay Models 150 for A Successful Promo Grossing 91k  Model Speaks Out on Compensation.jpg