Jessica Reid

Tasha K. Proves that Jessica Reid F*cked Over Bloggers & Producers Trying to Help Her in Case Against Charlemagne The God! [Receipts Inside]

Jessica Reid and her mother released a statement saying that Tasha K. is reporting false news regarding her rape case against Charlemagne Tha God.

Tasha K. and other bloggers have been in support of exposing Charlemagne Tha God for the alleged rape case against Jessica Reid, from 18 years ago. Reid shared with other bloggers what happened and after the news was released, she changed her story.

On October 5, 2018, Tasha K. appeared on The Armon Wiggins Show to clarify her claims and prove that the news she reported was true. She states that she and other bloggers were only trying to help Jessica gain support in her case.

Check out the receipts below that prove that Jessica Reid (posing as @NJae) is sharing her story of when she was allegedly raped by Charlemagne Tha God.

Speculation is that Jessica Reid was paid to not speak about the case anymore. Jessica Reid has spotted using fake names and profiles to conceal her identity which you can clearly see above in the screenshots taken from a YouTube Channel.

Watch the exclusive below as Tasha K. talks to Armon Wiggins to reveal what really happened with Jessica Reid’s case and all of the people she F*ucked over who desperately tried to help her.

Just trying to help, sis! Dang!


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