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Exclusive: Brandon from Jagged Edge Cries & APOLOGIZES to Daughter in a Private Call with Tasha K.

Brandon Casey says it’s not all his fault his relationship with his daughter is the way it is today.

After Tasha K. interviewed Brandon Casey’s daughter, Amani Casey, last weekend regarding their relationship, he comes forward with a crying apology. He shares his side of the story and openly and explains that their strained relationship is not all on him.

Listen to Tasha K.’s full interview with Brandon below.

It hurts when a child is stuck in the middle of adult drama.


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Exclusive: Kandi Burruss EX Brandon, allegedly NEGLECTS his Daughter & Says She's TOO FAT to Sing!

Tasha K. sits down with Brandon Casey’s daughter, Amani Casey, for an exclusive interview inside their father-daughter relationship.

Brandon Casey from Jagged Edge is not the father he may appear to be to all of his kids. His first born, 23-year-old Amani Casey, and her mother unwine their backstory and uncover exclusive insight into their relationship with the star.

Watch the entire interview below to see how Amani and her mother have been effected by her father’s absence and lack of attention.

Children should not have to suffer from their parent’s negligent decisions but unfortunately, it is all too common these day!


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