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EXCLUSIVE | R.Kelly & Carey Kelly were TOUCHED at age 6 & 10 by their Older Sister Theresa Kelly.

R. Kelly’s brother, Carey Kelly, flies all the way out from Chicago to Atlanta to tell a very deep story!

Tasha K. sits down with Carey Kelly for an exclusive interview about his and R. Kelly’s childhood abuse and family molestation. This is not the first time Carey Kelly has exposed his own brother and family history publicly. Tasha gets all the wine as Carey tells all. Tune in for more below!

Listen in as Tasha K. shares a little of her own story and encourages others to speak up if you are also a victim of family abuse!


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EXCLUSIVE: R.Kelly IMPREGNATED 14-Year-Old COUSIN, Made Tape with 13-Year-Old White Girls, & More!

EXCLUSIVE RKelly lMPREGNATED 14-Year-Old C0USlN, Made Tape with 13-Year-Old White Girls, & More!.jpg

Tasha K. sits down with Carey Kelly, R. Kelly's younger brother for an exclusive to discuss his brother's sex addiction, particularly regarding under-aged women, his illegal marriage to Aaliyah Haughton, how he forceflly chained his ex-wife Drea Kelly by the neck, and tapes found of R. Kelly sleeping with two 13 year old white girls. Carey Kelly drops a bombshell discussing making a baby with his 14 year old cousin and his attempts to kiss and sleep with his own brother (Carey Kelly). Get ready winos, this one is deep! 

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