EXCLUSIVE: R.Kelly IMPREGNATED 14-Year-Old COUSIN, Made Tape with 13-Year-Old White Girls, & More!

EXCLUSIVE RKelly lMPREGNATED 14-Year-Old C0USlN, Made Tape with 13-Year-Old White Girls, & More!.jpg

Tasha K. sits down with Carey Kelly, R. Kelly's younger brother for an exclusive to discuss his brother's sex addiction, particularly regarding under-aged women, his illegal marriage to Aaliyah Haughton, how he forceflly chained his ex-wife Drea Kelly by the neck, and tapes found of R. Kelly sleeping with two 13 year old white girls. Carey Kelly drops a bombshell discussing making a baby with his 14 year old cousin and his attempts to kiss and sleep with his own brother (Carey Kelly). Get ready winos, this one is deep! 

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