Cardi B's Alleged Ex-Roommate Star Said Cardi Kept Boxes of Yeast Infection Medication

Alleged ex-roommate, Star Marie, said she put Cardi B. on to stripping and helped her with her appearance and hygiene.

Star Marie met Cardi B. outside of a club in New York prior to Cardi B. becoming a high end stripper. She claims she needed a place to stay and Cardi B. needed a job. The two became friends and roommates almost immediately. Tasha K. sits down with Star Marie for an exclusive interview on their relationship.

Watch as Tasha K. questions Star Marie regarding her intentions for her live stream video she posted to social media last week, outing Cardi B. Tasha K. gets exclusive information while trying to catch Star Marie in a lie.

Winos, after watching this interview, what do y’all think??? Who’s really lying?!


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