[Exclusive!] Usher Will Face His Herpes Accuser Laura Helm in Court!!! Judge Denied Motion to Dismiss! (Video & Court Documents)

Usher will be tried in court for allegedy giving Laura Helm, Herpes KNOWINGLY!

Exclusive Usher Will Face His Herpes Accuser Laura Helm in Court Judge Denied Motion to Dismiss  (Video  Court Documents) 1.jpg

Laura Helms, will finally get to face Usher in court after allegations that he exposed her to Herpes. Usher has been accused of transmitting Herpes to several women and one man of which he purposely hid his Herpes diagnosis.

Laura has since attempted to sue Usher unsuccessfully in the past but now, she may finally get her breakthrough. Check out court documents from Laura Helms below!


Tasha K. will unwine the specifics of the case tonight at 7pm during #PhuckeryFriday

Watch Tasha K. unwine Usher & Laura Helm’s backstory below!

Usher Hid S.T.D SMELL & Color From Laura Michelle Helm To Hide His lNFECTl0N From Her!

Looks like Usher better just get ready to ‘let it burn’, if it’s not already!


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