(Messy) Queen Naija & Ex- Chris Sails Are Both Fight Over Old Sh*t on Youtube! Both Accuse Each Other of Cheating!

Queen Naija and Chris Sails split at the beginning of the year and are now beefing on the internet over the real reason why they broke up.

Chris claims that Queen Naija cheated on him in Detroit a few years back; the couple had apparently been broken up at the time. Meanwhile, Queen Naija makes claims that Chris had been talking to other girls during that time as well!

Could Chris be mad that Queen Naija moved on and is now having a baby by someone else?

Take a look at his side of the story below.

Queen Naija, on the other hand, seems very happy and content with her new boo and new baby daddy, Clarence, yet still makes time to vlog about her ex, Chris Sails. Is she really over him???

Watch her tell all about the infidelity during their marriage below.

This is just a story of two young kids who fell in love at a young age and got hurt. Why keep bringing up the past if you have really moved on?

Because, they still love each other!!!


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