Kathy Griffin Breaks Down Crying On The Breakfast Club!!! " I didn't know white people we're this F**king Racist!!! "

Last year, Kathy Griffin took a picture holding a sculpture of Donald Trumps head depicting the idea of a presidential assassination.

Kathy was blackballed and fired from her job in the entertainment industry and also suffered death threats herself. She received major backlash from the President, all the way down to her own white peers.

Kathy Griffin breaks down Crying on the Breakfast.jpg

“I didn’t know white people white people were this f**cking Racist!!” says Kathy Griffin as she discusses her run-in with the president and counterparts.

Damn Kathy! Get it together girl! Black folks have been dealing with racism for years!! It’s only been a short year for you sis! Stop with the “Weaponized Tears” already!


Blogged by Kia Janai