Bill Cosby Making Friends In Prison And Making Calls To The Wife Daily

A week into prison life and Bill Cosby seems to be settling the best way he knows how.

Bill is attempting to get comfortable with his new living arrangements. One week in and he is still not able to interact with the general population. Legally blind, Cosby is escorted around the prison by guards of whom he has made friends with. Cosby has reportedly spoken highly of the staff members saying they are all so nice and kind to him.

Bill Cosby Making Friends in Prison and Making calls to the Wife Daily.jpg

Cosby’s daily routine consists of waking up early, having breakfast in his cell, chit chatting and making friends with staff members and calling home to wifey. This mondaine lifestyle is his reality for at least the next 3-10 years.

Watch Tasha K. as she unwines the specifics regarding his sentencing.

Hang in there, brother!


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